Viable Underdogs

Viable Underdogs’ First Book (Link in Description)

October 25, 2019

UPDATE (February, 2020):

Check out the Viable Underdogs blog ( for more books and material that cover our proposed solutions to the Sustainability Crisis, and other global (Type 1) concerns we have identified. It is recommended you start by reading the book, Renegades of Disruption, rather than the book outlined in this episode, Uncage Human Ingenuity. An outline of all the Viable Underdogs material, which includes free PDF download links to all the books (including a written version of the Podcast) is available here:

Until more traction is gained with any of these ideas, there will be no new episodes. This 'Podcast-Audiobook-Unfreeze-Chain-Letter' requires your help to spread these ideas if you answer 'Yes' to the questions I continuously ask:

Are you buying what I'm selling?


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