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United Nations Crisis Message (From 2018)

September 8, 2019

Episode 40 (or -3 seeing as how we are now spinning our tires):

In Sept, 2018 (Almost exactly one year ago), the United Nations announced a global CRISIS MESSAGE. Seven months later, in May 2019, the news outlet, The Guardian, followed suit and has since been calling it a crisis. 

Here is the United Nation's Crisis Message:

Here is The Guardian's Crisis Message:

It is currently Sept, 2019. A FULL YEAR after the crisis message was sent from the U.N.

How many more months, or worse, years, will we have to wait until all news outlets also follow suit!? 


Please, please, please, please, forward this episode, podcast, and crisis message on. 

We desperately want to start working on fixing this problem.  

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